Are you ready to be a new challenger city?

For a decade or more cities that could challenge the norm, that could offer a distinctive and cohesive proposition to investors, founders and talented thinkers and makers, have been made to believe that they just needed to do one thing. They were told to make themselves more like Silicon Valley.

The New Challengers take a different view. They understand that the rapid pace of change in technology, in investment patterns in the global fintech sector, and in the activity of the established players creates new needs, expectations and demands. And with them opportunities.

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New challenger cities don’t just talk the part and they don’t copy what works in other regions only to find out that it doesn’t work here. Instead, they make something special that is uniquely their own. So, do you think your city has the potential to launch a challenger proposition? Do you want to go after the opportunity and become a new challenger city?

At Market Gravity we have developed a few key principles to get it right and we’ve been helping cities internationally to make this a reality.

We’ve done work in Dundee, Bristol, Edmonton, Fredericton, Vancouver, and Churchill.




new challenger cities are forging a future that only they can build.

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