Making Edmonton a Global Challenger City for AI & Machine Learning




How might we make Edmonton a challenger city in the fields of AI & Machine Learning?


Edmonton is already an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning leader, being home to two of the world’s best research centers via the University of Alberta and Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) which has established many commercial collaborations including Google’s Deep Mind and RBC’s lab Borealis AI.  The city’s growing AI ecosystem also includes industries ready for AI and new AI businesses.

The community recognized the need to work together to create a shared vision, develop this business plan, and execute it.  We helped kick start this, during a 2-day lab attended by 60 leaders representing 34 organizations.  Participants collaborated through a number of structured workshops and exercises, drafting the vision to become ‘A world-class centre for AI-driven products and services creating a billion dollar industry in Alberta by 2025’ and a set of blueprints to deliver this ambition.

Stay tuned for further updates.